Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Know I'm Cute

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My day out at Ma and Baba's office. They all stare too much. And talk rubbish. But they are sweet. Some of them played with me. Others did funny dances around me. Kinda childish some of them. And all of them seem to have a lisp. Strange. You'd think a radio station would have people with clear diction.

Ho hum. But it became a bit of a bore after a while. So I packed myself off to granny's place. Much more fun there.

Anyhoo. Good experience. Wonder what mom and dad do there day after day hour after hour though. Its quite dull after the first bit of dancing gets over.

Question: do they all greet each other like that every day? Seems quite elaborate, gathering around every person and making funny faces and dancing and talking nonsense. They obviously have a lot of time.