Monday, August 23, 2010


Flood ‘em terrorists
The end is nigh
Now you know
When the waters run high

Where will you hide
As the floodgates rise
Where is your Allah
Your bearded, your wise

Here I am
Feeling smug in my land
I killed no infidel
No blood on my hand

Now you know
When the end is near
Hope gives way
To a drowning fear

The world looks away
And why should it not
Were you merciful
When it was your lot?

You bombed our trains
You bombed our brains
You bombed our buildings
You rammed in planes

Don’t teach me my geography
My Afghan from my Pathan
My Iraqi, My Paki
My Koran from my Kirpan

You turbaned lot
You troubled lot
You dirty lot
You flooded lot

God is drowning you
Drowning your sins
When you swim you sink
When you sink then you swim

And I won’t write that cheque
And I won’t fill that truck
You can keep treading water
I won’t throw you a rubber duck

I am smug in my parsimony
You can scream you can yelp
I am not Vodafone
I am happy not to help

Let the U.N raise the money
Let Zardari find you hope
I am not here to forgive
I am not the pope

All of you are fanatics
You laugh when we cry
I am not a terrorist
I’ll just watch your children die.