Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Month of Motherhood

1. A "wailing baby" graduates from being an irritating experience to a heart breaking one.

2. Within a span of 30 days, your middle of the night thoughts gradually shift from "god wish I could go back to sleep" to "god wish she could be comfortable again"

3. Smells stop bothering you. Any kind of smells.

4. You change 5 times a day, for the first time in your life, not for vanity.

5. Checking email becomes the biggest adventure of your life.

6. Taking a bath becomes a luxury and a high point.

7. You develop a whole new sense of respect for a phenomenon called 'silence'.

8. All sense of personal privacy goes for a merry toss. You can expose your breasts in front of nearly anyone.

9. You can't remember what lipstick looks like.

10. You make the world's most boring conversation.

11. You look like shit. A lot of shit - since you're grossly overweight.

12. Your concept of time gets redfined into 2 hour slots.

13. You define 4 hours of undisturbed sleep as a "relaxed easy night".


amu said...

Hi Riya... was just going through my blog and making some amendments inmy profile when absetmindedly I clicked on gulzar and next thing...your pic was staring at me. 'Stingle' invited me to click again and I read your first two posts. I smiled and I smiled. I am a mother of a 10 month old daughter and smiled at the similarity of the feelings you had punched and I had written in a journal. Anyway this is just to wish you all luck with motherhood and God bless your 'Shaayari'

amu said...
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shifa said...

This is a side of Riya i have to see to believe!
am so so happy for both of you, sorry all 3 of you!
see i told you i get what i want:-)

deej said...

and i jus read a book called "two lipsticks and a lover".

shld i courier it across??!

bwahahhahaha :P