Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Purani Jeans

I fit into my old pair of jeans today.

My size 26, low waist jeans.

The jeans I used to wear before I got pregnant last November.

The jeans my brother had predicted I'd be able to squeeze into by my birthday next year in January. I beat his prediction by 17 days.

The jeans which I have been waiting to wear, ever since my daughter was born 4 months and 26 days ago.

The jeans which for me is my identity, my self, my individuality, my confidence, my 'me'.

Sayema did a connect with me on Purani Jeans today on Radio Mirchi. I had no idea that the show I had conceptualised and named five and a half years ago, would become such a personal reality and delight for me one day.

I love my old jeans. My Purani Jeans.


kaaju katli said...

You are a waist 26?!!!! Really? I official hate ya now. Purani jeans chod naye jeans mein ab main fit nahi hoti :-/

pinkelephantpurplecow said...

u r??

*blinks rapidly till everything goes outta focus*


Double-Dolphin said...

waist 26???!!! YOU??? WOW!!!

riya said...

good grief. You guys got me so nervous with this wild reaction (the 3 comments are but the tip of the iceberg, my smses on this post were many more!!).... that I actually went back to my cupboard to check if I was wrong...

Were my jeans actually 28 and I only thought they were 26?

No. They are genuinely 26. Both jeans. And my Levis cords.

Umm.... do I only believe I can fit into them when actually its an exercise in will power, breath holding and tummy tucking...

Err no. I do fit into them. Of course its a bit of a squeeze because I'm still about 4kg over my pre preg weight, but I can get into them and still do a day's work. (maybe not eat a sumptuous lunch)....

Ok, considering the shock and awe this post merited... maybe I don't fit into ALL types of size 26. Maybe many size 26 styles are way too slim for my child borne hips... Maybe I cannot blindly pick up any trouser or skirt in 26 and be sure to get into them. Perhaps I need to chose the wider broader cuts, meant for the likes of me.

But, but yes. There definitely are a respectable number of styles in 26 that I do fit into to. I own at least 4 to 5 of them. So yes, I can safely say, AFTER CROSS CHECKING that I do fit into that size. Maybe its a limited edition range... must be, considering the reactions I've been getting.

Gosh. Never realised it was such a big deal.

Thanks for making me feel like super woman!!

Pratz said...

so the hot chick is back!!!!